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Hours & Location

Open: Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm, Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: 17733 NE North Valley Road | Newberg, OR 97132

Our Mission

Chehalem Flats Farm Market was founded as a small market to supply unique food, snacks, & gifts. Our mission has grown and we are now in a transition period with a focus on providing the following items: Packaged Gluten Free Food Mixes Old Fashioned Soaps Lavender Derived Products Oxygen Treated Compost Local Seasonal Produce    

Gluten Free Grain Mixes

- Cornbread - Biscuits - Packaged Food
Old Fashioned Soaps - Premium Scented Soaps - Handmade Lotions - Cleansers Lavender Products - Seasonal Fresh Cut Lavender - Dried Lavender - Lavender Oil - Lavender Hydro-Sol CHEHALEM FLATS farm market
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CHEHALEM FLATS farm market

Current News

- Produce is now available - Chicken & duck eggs now available - New shipment of lavender plants for the fall planting season

Our Products

- Gluten Free Grain Mixes - Old Fashioned Soaps  & Lotions - Lavender Products - Seasonal Produce - Hazelnuts - Wine Tasting Snacks & Gifts - Premium Compost

Featured Suppliers


COME NOW FOR THE FRESH PRODUCE WHILE IT LAST: CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: - Tomatoes - Cucumbers - Squash - Potatoes - Peppers - & More